Open for dinner

Our restaurant is only open for hotel guests. We apply strict measures according to the guidelines from our government. You can make your reservation in combination with an overnight stay via +31 (0) 180 64 69 00 or

We apply a maximum of 4 guests per table, unless you are from the same household. Kids up to 12 years are excluded from this rule. We will close our restaurant and hotel bar at 22.00. 

At your arrival, we will ask you a couple of health questions. We ask you kindly to follow the directions of our staff. 

Please pay attention:

Do you have symptoms of a cold, such as a runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough or increase to 38 degrees Celsius? Or has any of your housemates fever or shortness of breath? Then we ask you to stay at home and not to come to the hotel. 

We reserve the right to deny visitors access to the restaurant when the have symptoms of a cold or fever. This also applies to visitors who do not comply with our security measures.


We are happy to welcome you in our à la carte restaurant. Here, you can choose between a variety of national and international dishes. In addition to an extensive range of meat and fish dishes, we also offer several dishes that fit into a vegetarian or vegan diet.

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Poké Bowl **
with quinoa, oyster mushrooms, different types of vegetables, legumes, soy dressing and herbs 11.50 * with sashimi salmon + 4.50 

Fresh salad *
with soy beans, mango, feta cheese, caramelised nuts and pomegranate dressing 12.50



Smoked salmon
with sushi rice, avocado, wakame, cucumber and yuzu mayonnaise 13.50

Dutch shrimps 
with mango, avocado and citrus mayonnaise 14.50

with Parmesan cheese, bacon, pine nuts and truffle mayonnaise 12.50

Pata Negra 
Iberico ham with caramelised fig, rocket, hazelnut and aceto 14.50


Goats' cheese salad *
with peach, mixed nuts, croutons and a lavender-honey dressing 13.50


Fried calamari 
with sweet potato fries and citrus mayonnaise 10.50

Tomato soup * 
according to our trusted recipe 5.50

Pumpkin soup *
with roasted pumpkin seeds 6.50

Main courses

Can be ordered with creamy mushroom sauce, pepper sauce, béarnaise sauce, 
stroganoff sauce or peanut sauce 3.00

Penne pasta **
with green herbs, spinach, lemon oil, pecan nuts and grated cashew nuts 16.50

Quinoa **
with mango, tempeh, hazelnuts, courgette, carrot, soybean and tahini sauce 17.50

Sea bass
with a foamy fish sauce, polenta, roasted tomatoes and spinach 21.50

with beurre blanc, orzo pasta with tomato and green asparagus 23.50

with black rice and seafood, peas, capsicum and lime 20.50

Stuffed chicken  
with brie, aceto-honey marinade, tomato sauce, polenta, vegetables and cashew nuts 20.50

with vegetables and potato garnish 23.50

Asian chicken satay
with peanut sauce, fried rice, pickles and crispy onions 19.50

Pork tenderloin
with vegetables and potato garnish 20.50

Pork schnitzel
with lemon and tomato 17.50

Pork schnitzel SPECIAL 
with onion, bacon and mushrooms 20.50



made with chocolate, caramel en dulche-de-leche ice cream 7.00

Dame blanche
vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream 6.50

Banana split
With stracciatella and banana ice cream, banana, whipped cream and chocolate sauce 7.50

Sweet tasting of Sue Rotterdam nice with your coffee **
Verry Berry, Banoffee, Apple Crumble, TiramiSUE 8.50

Cheese platter
with fig bread and apple syrup 8.50

Crème brûlée 5.00

Coffee or tea

Coffee or tea ‘Hotel Ridderkerk’ 4.75
Coffee or tea served with several sweets

Café crème | 2.50

Espresso | 2.50

Dubble espresso | 4.75

Cappuccino 2.75

Café au lait | 2.75

Latte Macchiato | 3.25

Espresso Macchiato | 2.75

Decaffeinated coffee | 2.75

Hot chocolate | 2,95

Hot chocolate with whipped cream | 3,25

Tea, several tastes 2.50

Fresh mint tea | 3,10

Fresh ginger tea | 3,10

Hot milk | 2.50

with soy milk | 0.50 extra

Coffee with a twist

French Coffee | 7.25
coffee with Grand Marnier and whipped cream

Spanish Coffee | 7.25
coffee with Tia Maria or Cuarenta y tres and whipped cream 

Mexican Coffee 7.25
coffee with Kahlua and whipped cream 

Italian Coffee | 7.25
coffee with Amaretto and whipped cream 

Baileys Coffee | 7.25
coffee with Baileys and whipped cream 

Irish Coffee | 7.25
coffee with Irish whiskey, brown sugar and whipped cream 

Dom Coffee | 7.25
coffee with Dom Bénédictine and whipped cream

Wiener Melange | 7.25 

* Suitable choices for a vegetarian diet. ** Suitable choices for a vegan diet. 

Do you have an allergy? Please tell us!

All our dishes can contain ingredients that are not specifically described.
We therefore kindly ask you to inform us of any allergies you have when ordering your meal.


Good to know

  • Free WIFI 
  • Ideal location nearby the A15
  • Nearby Rotterdam
  • Free Parking
  • Spacious terrace
  • Pay with Pin, CreditCard or cash