Would you like to enjoy some culinary surprises? We are happy to welcome you in our à la carte restaurant. Here, you can choose between a variety of national and international dishes. For example, you should try the salad with watermelon, our fish skewer or the Asian chicken satay. You can finish your dinner with a white chocolate panna cotta. 

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with Feta cheese, strawberry, cucumber, pistachio nuts and mint 11.50

with tofu, pine nuts, pomegranate, honey and garlic-herb oil 10.50

Iberico ham with Nameko mushrooms, choggia beetroot, radishes, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and truffle oil 15.50


Salmon tartare
with sweet and sour vegetables,
wasabi crumble and pea cress 12.50 

Dutch brown shrimp cocktail
with apple brunoise and cocktail sauce 14.50 

Fish salad
with smoked salmon, prawns, shrimps, mussels, 
smoked trout and mackerel 16.50

Serrano ham
with melon cubes and baby leaf lettuce 11.50 

Caprese salad *
with buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and aceto 12.50

with Parmesan cheese, bacon,
pine nuts and truffle mayonnaise 11.50 

Pulled chicken
with apricot, corn, pistachio, affilla cress and beetroot 11.50

Caesar salad
with Romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, chicken
fillet, Parmesan cheese, soft-boiled egg, croutons and black pepper 12.50

Soft goat’s cheese salad *
raspberries, tomato, walnuts, croutons and raspberry dressing 12.50

Pan fried tiger prawns
with Iberico ham, potato salad and antiboise 14.50 

filled with chicken ragout and mushrooms 9.50

Tom kha kai 
Thai chicken soup 6.50

Tomato soup *
according to our trusted recipe 5.50 

Courgette-avocado soup 6.50 *

Main courses


pan fried Tournedos with king prawns, potato tart, baby corn,
green asparagus, tomato and soy sauce 28.50

with bacon, mashed potatoes with seeded mustard, green asparagus and bearnaise sauce 21.50

with pesto herb crust, spinach, tomato and caper sauce 23.50 


Can be ordered with creamy mushroom sauce, pepper sauce, béarnaise sauce, 
stroganoff sauce or peanut sauce 3.00

Veal rib-eye
with sweet potato fries, green asparagus and black garlic mayonnaise 24.50

Pan fried calf's liver 
with bacon, fried onions, Apple compote and red wine sauce 19.50

with Jerusalem artichoke gratin, parsnip puree and purple cauliflower 23.50

Pan fried pork tenderloin
with Jerusalem artichoke gratin, parsnip puree and purple cauliflower 19.50

Crumbed pork schnitzel
with lemon and tomato 16.50 

Filled pork cordon bleu
gratinated with cheese and served with a red wine sauce 18.50

Asian chicken saté
served with peanut sauce, fried rice, pan fried pineapple and a peanut crisp 19.50

Pan fried veal liver
with bacon, fried onion, apple compote and red wine sauce 19.50

Lamb curry
with pilaf rice and papadum 19.50 

Pan fried rack of lamb
with couscous, green peas, carrot, mint and tzatziki 26.50


Pan fried salmon fillet 
with risotto, spinach and Hollandaise sauce 20.50

Pan fried sole
with potato and mustard puree, spinach and pomodori tomato butter 24.50

Salmon, prawns and Atlantic wolf fish skewer
with Jerusalem artichoke gratin, parsnip puree, carrots and bearnaise sauce 26.50

Spaghetti nero
with prawns, courgette -oyster sauce and crème fraîche 19.50

Atlantic wolf fish fillet
from the oven with confit Peruvian potato, fennel and saffron sauce 21.50


Vegetarian red onion and sweet potato tart *
with green asparagus, pan fried mushrooms, mushroom sauce and hazelnuts 16.50

Cannelloni *
with grilled vegetables, 4 cheese sauce and vegetable chips 16.50

Penne pasta *
with green herbs, spinach, lemon oil, pecan nuts, Parmesan cheese 16.50


White chocolate panna cotta 
with coconut and passion fruit 7.50

Fresh strawberries 
with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 7.50

Ice macaron
with red fruit 7.50

Dame blanche
vanilla ice cream served with warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream 6.50

Banana split
caramel ice cream, banana ice cream and vanilla ice cream on a crumble with banana, whipped cream, almonds and warm chocolate sauce 7.50

Strawberry cappuccino
with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 7.50

Cheese platter
with fig bread and apple syrup 8.50

Smaller desserts

Lime cheesecake 
with white chocolate mousse and blueberry 5.00

Crème brûlée 5.00

Apple crumble 
with cinnamon ice cream 5.00

Tiramisu 5.00 

Muesli tartlet
with Nutella and banana 6.00

Coffee or tea

Coffee or tea ‘Hotel Ridderkerk’ 4.50
Coffee or tea served with several sweets

Café crème 2.25

Espresso 2.25

Decaffeinated coffee 2.25

White coffee 2.45

Cappuccino 2.45

Doppio 4.00 

Hot chocolate 2.45

Wiener melange (alcohol) 6.50

Lipton tea, several tastes 2.25

Fresh mint tea 2.75

Coffee with a twist

French Coffee
coffee with Grand Marnier and whipped cream 6.50

Spanish Coffee
coffee with Tia Maria and whipped cream 6.50

Mexican Coffee
coffee with Kahlua and whipped cream 6.50

Italian Coffee
coffee with Amaretto and whipped cream 6.50

Baileys Coffee
coffee with Baileys and whipped cream 6.50

Irish Coffee
coffee with Irish whiskey, brown sugar and whipped cream 6.50 

* Suitable choices for a vegetarian diet

Do you have an allergy? Please tell us!

All our dishes can contain ingredients that are not specifically described.
We therefore kindly ask you to inform us of any allergies you have when ordering your meal.


Good to know

  • Free WIFI 
  • Ideal location nearby the A15
  • Nearby Rotterdam
  • Free Parking
  • Spacious terrace
  • Pay with Pin, CreditCard or cash