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Tomatensoep* 5.00
Tomato soup, our traditional favourite

Groentesoep* 5.00
A clear vegetable bouillon with fresh vegetables and vermicelli


Pata Negra 9.50
Olive and tomato bread with Pata Negra, Comté cheese and olive mayonnaise

Geroosterde groenten* 6.50
Italian bread with roasted vegetables, peppers, zucchini,
tomato salsa, cheese and rucola

Choose your type of bread for the following dishes; corn bread or brown bread

Geitenkaas* 8.50
Goat cheese, honey-thyme dressing and caramelized nuts

Gerookte zalm 8.50
Smoked salmon with a honey mustard dressing

Tonijnsalade 8.50
Tuna salad with pickles, peppers, onion and babyleaf salad

Clubsandwich 9.50
Richly filled club sandwich with fried chicken breast, bacon, tomato,
lettuce, ravigote sauce and topped off with a fried egg

Carpaccio 8.50
Beef carpaccio, Rotterdam cheese, basil pesto and pine nuts


Caesar Salade 12.50
Roman salad with chicken, Parmesan cheese, tomato, anchovies and egg

Salade caprese 13.50
Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, Iberico ham, aceto syrup and olive oil

Salade van meloen 10.50
Babyleaf salad with Serranoham and melon

Salade met zachte geitenkaas* 12.50
Mixed salad with red, yellow and chioggia beet, walnuts and aceto dressing

Served on white or brown sourdough bread

Uitsmijter 9.00
Three fried eggs on bread served with toppings of your choice;
cheese, ham, roast beef or bacon. Served with Russian salad

Boerenomelet * 8.50
Farmers omelette filled with fresh vegetables, onion,
potatoes and mushrooms

Roerei met zalm 9.00
Scrambled egg with smoked salmon and a truffle tapenade


Pittige kip 8.50
Brioche bread with spicy chicken, snow peas and crispy fried onions

Garnalen 9.50
Brioche bread with shrimp salad, king prawns, cheese and rocket

Kipsaté 11.50
Sate of tender chicken with peanut sauce, prawn crackers and fries

Kroketten met brood 6.50
Two beef croquettes served with bread and mustard

Beefburger 11.50
Beef burger made with prime beef, built with cheddar cheese
red onion, gherkin, tomato, lettuce and hamburger sauce, served with fried

Italiaanse bol met brie 8.50
Italian bread with brie, honey, Serrano ham and rocket

Toast Hawaii 6.50
Toasted bread with ham, cheese and pineapple

All our dishes may include ingredients that are not stated on the menu. We would like to politely ask you to make our staff aware of any allergies you may have when you place your order.

* These dishes fit into a vegetarian diet

Do you have an allergy? Let us know! 


Appeltaart 3.50
Apple pie

Frambozentaart 3.50
Raspberry cake

Huisgemaakte tompouce van bladerdeeg gevuld met gele room 3.50
Homemade layered custard slice with puff pastry and cream

Chocoladetaart 3.50
Chocolate cake

Cake van de dag met slagroom 2.00
Cake of the day with whipped cream

Daily between 12.00 - 16.00h 17.50
Please make a reservation in advance

Daily from 14.00h 19.50
Please make a reservation in advance

Do you have an allergy? Let us know!


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  • Free Parking
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