About us

Hotel Ridderkerk

Opened in 2007, Van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk is situated on one of the largest motorway junctions in the Netherlands, and is just a stone’s throw away from the metropolis of Rotterdam.

Hospitality, sustainability and efficiency

Van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk is a new development in several aspects. The most obvious and eye-catching innovation is probably the shape of the building, while many new ideas have also been incorporated into the interior. The design of Van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk is based on hospitality, sustainability and efficiency. These 3 key words are expressed in a concept whereby our guests receive the best total experience with the least impact on the surroundings and the environment.

Close to Rotterdam

You will find Van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk within sight of Rotterdam, at junction 20 of the A15. It is the ideal base from which to visit the centre of Rotterdam, the Ahoy venue or en-route to Europoort. Van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk officially opened its doors on 29 June 2007.

Take a look at our hotel film for an impression of what we have to offer.

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