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Sightseeing Rotterdam

Place of encounter and inspiration

Laurenskerk Rotterdam

Rotterdam's originally medieval Laurenskerk reminds you of the days when the city was walled in and waterways were the most important trade routes. The church was literally and figuratively the center of the city and even today the Laurenskerk is still a place of meeting. Thus, concerts, lectures, conferences and dinners are held there! From mid-March through the end of October, the tower of the Laurenskerk can be climbed on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The icon of the city

Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam

The Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam connects the Kop van Zuid with the city center on the north side of the river. The bridge is 800 meters long and has a 139-meter-high pylon mounted over the water with 40 steel cables. The Swan, as the bridge is popularly called, is the icon of the city of Rotterdam. Crossing the bridge by bike is a great way to explore the city even outside the city center.

The Foodhalla of Rotterdam

The Market Hall

The Market Hall has been open in Rotterdam since 2014. Also called the "Food Walhalla," the Market Hall is a special piece of architecture in more ways than one. In the Markthal you will find a wide variety of eateries. There are about 100 modern market stalls with daily fresh products. From fish to poultry, from delicious coffee to cheese, from Surinamese to Zaans and from delicious ice cream to organic vegetables! The Market Hall is definitely worth a visit!

breathtaking panoramic views

Euromast Rotterdam

At 185 meters high, the Euromast is the tallest building in the Netherlands. But it is more than a lookout tower: you can enjoy culinary surprises in the brasserie and stay overnight in one of the suites. Taking your experience to the next level? Then step into the Euroscope all the way to the top. For the truly adventurous: forgo the elevator and descend by rope! From the Euromast you can enjoy the highest abseiling experience in Europe.