Near Van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk is one of the oldest zoos in the Netherlands, Blijdorp Zoo. If you are staying at our hotel, it is definitely worth visiting Blijdorp Zoo!

The zoo is also a great outing with the kids. Walk over the sea floor in the Oceanium, stand eye to eye with polar bears in the ice cave or see the tropical butterflies in the butterfly garden.

Blijdorp Zoo is home to many different types of animals. Besides special animal species, the zoo also houses 21 national monuments, such as the historic entrance and the old director's building.

Blijdorp Zoo has existed since 1857 and is a beloved place for many. A goal of the zoo is to encourage and support nature conservation. Research is conducted on behavior, nutrition, reproduction and medical care. These studies allow animals to age, stay healthy longer and reproduce. This reduces the risk of extinction of rare species.

Blijdorp Zoo is open all year round! Even in the winter period a visit to the zoo is worthwhile. In fact, Blijdorp organizes the 'MidWinterZoo' every year in the months of December and January. For two months, the zoo is a winter fairy tale, with a 25-meter long sledding run and a winter fire where children can listen to stories about the animals.

The zoo is easily accessible by public transportation or car. For more information please contact the reception, they will be happy to help you!

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