for the whole family

Children's activities in Rotterdam

Small scale amusement park


A visit to Plaswijckpark is a fun outing with the kids. The park consists of several neighborhoods with outdoor and indoor playgrounds, attractions, a zoo and a picnic area! The park has several restaurants with terraces and is easily accessible by public transportation and car. Plaswijckpark is the most fun family park for indoor and outdoor play. Discover Speelwijck, Dierenwijck and Wandelwijck!

The largest climbing park in the Ne

Adventure City Rotterdam

Are you staying at Hotel Ridderkerk for a few days and still looking for ideas for an adventurous day out? Rotterdam is home to the largest climbing park in the Netherlands: Adventure City. Visitors can sport climb here, zip line over a 150 meter long zip line, do various climbing courses and even free fall from 10 meters high. Adventure City Rotterdam is the ideal location for a spectacular outing with the whole family.

One of the oldest zoos

Blijdorp Zoo

Near Van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk is one of the oldest zoos in the Netherlands, Blijdorp Zoo. The zoo is also a very nice outing with the children. Walk across the sea floor in the Oceanium, stand eye to eye with polar bears in the ice cave or meet pandas in the Himalayan region. Blijdorp Zoo is home to many different types of animals, as well as no less than 21 national monuments!

Always a good idea

Petting zoos

A trip to the petting zoo is always a good idea! And there are some really nice ones near our hotel. In Ridderkerk you can visit petting zoo 'De Dierenhof' and in Barendrecht you can visit petting zoo 'De kleine Duiker'. Meet sweet farm animals such as pigs, cows, chickens, sheep and various small pets.