Partners Van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk

Van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk has a  partnership with Rotterdam Topsport and Rotterdam Partners.

Rotterdam Topsport

Rotterdam Topsport is a foundation that aims to improve. Sports climate in Rotterdam Doing it in close cooperation with the municipality of Rotterdam, local, national and international sports organizations, businesses, educational institutions and the media.

Achieving and strengthening of national and international positioning of Rotterdam as a leading sports town , where the sports infrastructure and organizational capacity are optimally developed the mission of Rotterdam Topsport.

Rotterdam Partners

The main purpose of Rotterdam Partners is to encourage people to come to Rotterdam, tourists and business visitors. Van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk is a partner of Rotterdam Partners and so contributes its bit to turn Rotterdam on the world map.

Promoters of conferences or other corporate events can turn to Rotterdam Partners for free, independent and objective advice. They are happy to help you think about new ideas that your conference, seminar or exhibition making even more interesting. They can also advise you on marketing, sponsorship, promotion, any subsidies, compiling bid books and coordination of presentations and inspections.

Download Mobile City Guide

The mobile city guide is a free tool that you can offer to the visitors of your conference. Through the mobile city guide visitors always have convenient city information at hand. Rotterdam The application is easy to download by sending SMS to 5040. With "Rotterdam" This city guide is available in Dutch and English. 

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