Architecture of Rotterdam


Architecture of Rotterdam

Rotterdam is known for her famous architecture. The story of the city that has been bombed in World War II and rebuilt itself in an historic way is more than worth the visit.

Historic buildings

Because of the bombing, few historic buildings have survived. The buildings that are still here are worth visiting. You can visit the Laurenskerk, Het Schielandhuis, Het Witte Huis, the city hall (Stadhuis) and the old postal office (Postkantoor).


The city council of Rotterdam went for a radical direction in 1940. Instead of reconstructing the old city, they choose a spacious lay out and modern architecture. The Lijnbaan, De Doelen, Het Groothandelsgebouw, De Euromast and De Bijenkorf are iconic buildings from that period of time. 


In the past couple of years, many new iconic towers were build, such as Montevideo, Maastoren and New Orleans. With De Rotterdam and the new Central Station and De Markthal, more special buildings have been added. 

Plan your visit

Book a package and combine a visit to this impressing building with an overnight stay in Van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk. At our reception, you can ask for an information brochure and a map of Rotterdam. 

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