A 'different-than-things' city tour through Rotterdam. You can do that with Splashtours. A ride with this unique amphibious bus guarantees a memorable experience, suitable for both young and old! With Splashtours you will explore the most remarkable and beautiful places of Rotterdam during the city tour. And then follows the 'splash': a breathtaking dive into the river Maas. Suddenly the bus also turns out to be a seaworthy boat, gliding further through the water along the city's impressive skyline! The route is carefully mapped out so that you get to see the very best and most beautiful of Rotterdam.

The skyline of Rotterdam would not be complete without the striking bright yellow amphibious bus. Whether you see it driving across the Erasmus Bridge or sailing on the river Maas, Splashtours is a familiar sight in Rotterdam. For local Rotterdammers, the image of a bus gliding across the water is already familiar. But for the many tourists and day-trippers, it remains a real sight when they see the amphibious bus passing by. Passengers of Splashtours are incredibly enthusiastic; the amphibious tour is immensely popular. From the very first moment there was a lot of interest and still the bus leaves fully booked with every ride. Rotterdam shines in full color thanks to Splashtours.

Combi activities Splashtours

Splashtours also offers combis activities. For example, you can combine a tour with the Pancake Boat. Where you can book a 75 minute cruise including unlimited pancakes. What a dream! Or you can combine the tour with a session of laser gaming. There are so many options. Look for a complete overview on the website of Splashtours.