Kinderdijk is part of the Unesco World Heritage Site and is a short distance from Hotel Ridderkerk. Kinderdijk is a special area and tells a piece of history about the Netherlands. The beautiful area shows you where the windmills used to fight the water. The 19 authentic mills from the 18th century are still silent witnesses to this.

19 windmills

Kinderdijk is mainly known for the Kinderdijk windmills. These are 19 mills which in the past had to make and keep the polder dry. Because of the major role the mills played in the famous Dutch battle against the water, Kinderdijk has become an important tourist location and since 1997 Unesco World Heritage Site.

You can visit one of the mills from the inside. Here you can discover what it feels like to turn a mill yourself. The Kinderdijk visitor mill is a unique experience!

Discover Kinderdijk

Besides a visit to the windmills, Kinderdijk is a great place to walk, cycle or opt for a ride on the horse-drawn streetcar. When there is snow, you can sled or skate on the frozen water. You will experience the breathtaking landscape in a special way every season!

For the best experience of the mill area, take a tour boat on the water of the Kinderdijk polder country and admire the windmills. From the water you will have the best view to take beautiful photos. The ideal thing about the tour boat is that you can get on and off at all visiting points. In winter, the Kinderdijk tour boat is heated and you can enjoy the view indoors.

Plan your visit

Combine your overnight stay at Van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk with a visit to Kinderdijk! Check out the complete package offerings to make your visit to Kinderdijk a completely relaxing getaway.