Blijdorp Zoo

Close to Van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk, you will find one of the oldest Dutch zoos, Blijdorp Zoo. Are you staying in our hotel? Than visiting this zoo is absolutely worth the effort.

With kids, the zoo is of course a lovely activity. You can go for a walk on the seabed in the Oceanium, stand face to face with polar bears in the ice cave or watch the tropical butterflies in the butterflygarden. In Blijdorp Zoo, there are many different animals. Besides special species, the zoo also features 21 national monuments, such as the historic entrance and the old director's building. 

Blijdorp Zoo exists since 1857 and for many people, it is a beloved place. One of the goals of the zoo is stimulating and support nature conservation. A lot of research is being done into behaviour, food, reproduction and medical care. Because of this, animals can live longer, stay healthy and reproduce themselves. With this, the risk of the extinction of rare animal species is reduced. 

You can easily reach the zoo by public transport and by car. For more information, please ask our reception. 

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