Markthal Rotterdam


Markthal Rotterdam

Since 2014, the Markthal in Rotterdam is offically open. The Markthal is in many ways a special piece of architecture. On the ground floor and first floor, you will find restaurants and cafes. In the basement, there is a supermarket and big parkinglot. In the Markthal you will find a varied selection of eating facilities. There are around 100 modern market stalls with fresh products such as fish, cheese, coffee, icecream and vegetables. 

What makes the Rotterdam Markthal such a special place, it the apartments above the market and the gigantic artwork 'Horn of Plenty' that hangs above the visitors. Besides, during the building of the Markthal, there were lots of medieval findings. This archeological collection is exposed at the Timestairs in the hall of the market. At Rotterdam Tours, you can subsribe for a one-hour tour through the Markthal. The tours will only take place during the weekends. During the tour, you will discover the story of the origin of the building. 

Besides the fact that there are many great products you can buy, the Markthal also is a interesting spot from an architecturally point of view. The Markthal is open seven days a week from 09.00 in the morning until 20.00 in the evening. 

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