The Biesbosch National Park


The Biesbosch National Park

The Biesbosch National Park is the largest fresh water tidal zone in Europe. Where in earlier times, the Park was known for agriculture, the area nowadays is used as nature and recreation area. The Biesbosch is close to Hotel Ridderkerk and a perfect location for a relaxing day trip. 


The Biesbosch is in an open connection with the sea. The tides of the sea provide ascending and descending fresh water. The water levels can sometimes change so much, that walkers can get wet feet. 

Discover The Biesbosch 

With the tidal zones, willow forests, grassland polders en lots of different animal species, National Park The Biesbosch is perfect for a day trip. One of the most famous habitants of the Park is the beaver. There are more than 300 of them. You can even go on a special beaver safari with a tour boat. This tour is also really nice with kids. 

You can walk through the versatile nature, discover the area from the water, go bird watching, make a canoe trip with picnic or cycle through the rugged landscape. 

Plan your visit

Combine your visit to The Biesbosch National park with an overnight stay in Van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk. Our hotel is the perfect base to visit the park. Have a look at our packages and combine a visit to The Biesbosch with other activities in the region. 

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